Monday, 23 February 2015

DPE Group working on new UK auto jobs

Durham Precision Engineering Limited is understood to be working closely with Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK in Sunderland and Gestamp Tallent in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham on numerous new projects that will continue to create jobs and growth.

Peter Coates, managing director of DPE Group expects to create 12 jobs this year to support growth of DPE Automotive in Newton Aycliffe.

The investment in new welding robots is part of efforts to increase the firm’s capacity to meet strong demand for UK-made parts from some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

“The robots complement the workforce at DPE Automotive rather than replace the workforce, they allow us to increase our weld accuracy, repeatability and output, thus making us more competitive,” said Coates, who led a management buy-out from parent company United Steels.

He added: “Being more competitive creates jobs and that is our ethos. We continue to expand and invest as we see our order book continually growing.

“United Steels left us with an excellent bedrock to build from and we are really appreciative of them giving us the opportunity to carry out the MBO last year,” he said. “The MBO has allowed us to create a growing company. My two fellow shareholders, who have invested significant personal funds, along with Rivers Capital and the North East Angel Fund are as delighted as I am with the progress we have made so far.”

“We have also the continued support of both Barclays and ABN Amro banks to further support our growth needs. 2014 was a profitable year again for the company and the sales orders so far show continued growth and continued profitability throughout 2016 and beyond,” concluded Coates.

Nissan is a well-known user of local components, many suppliers of which are based nearby and have been as the car-maker has expanded over the years.

Gestamp Tallent Ltd, better known years ago as Tallent Engineering Ltd, is a world class design, developer and manufacturer of leading-edge, innovative chassis structural and suspension products, body in white structures, modules and systems for the global automotive industry

Through ThyssenKrupp the company offers a global network of world class facilities capable of manufacturing a range of body-in-white (BIW) and chassis structural and suspension products. These facilities are strategically located throughout the world.

Supplying some of the names on its customer reference list include: Bentley, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, JaguarLandRover, Nissan Motor Manufacturing, Porsche, Renault, SAIC/Nanjing, Saab, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Volkswagen AG and Volvo.

Gestamp Tallent’s specialised products include chassis: front and rear cross-members, front and rear axles, front and rear sub-frames, module/system assemblies – upper and lower, front and rear suspension arms.

In body structures Gestamp Tallent can supply BIW painted body assemblies, oil pans, bumper assemblies, engine mounting brackets and wheel hub & disk modules

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