Friday, 15 July 2016

Opel diesel finds use in marine world

The Opel diesel engine adapted by Cimco Marine AB in Sweden for outboard use is based on the 2-litre diesel engine made in the Opel plant in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Normally installed in the Vauxhall Cascada, Insignia,and Zafira models,the marine version of the four-cylinder engine delivers 200PS at 4,100 rev/min and offers maximum torque of 400Nm at 2,500 rev/min.
The power output is equivalent to 100PS/litre.
“By selling components we can tap into small but important market segments in which our products are very popular. The OXE Diesel is the perfect example. We are playing an important part in the capacity utilisation of our engine production in Kaiserslautern by providing Cimco Marine AB with this engine,” claims Alex Thielemans, manager of components sales at Opel.
Unit cost must have been an impoprtant factor in closing the deal.
When used for maritime purposes, the engine needs to be serviced every 200 hours with a major overhaul after 2,000 hours.
Boat engines spend much time running at full throttle. In the process, the turbocharged diesel engine uses 43 litres per hour – 42 per cent less fuel than a comparable modern two stroke outboard engine (73 litres).
Cimco Marine AB evaluated several passenger car diesel engines to find a suitable unit. The four-cylinder Opel engine underwent three years of intense testing until the end of 2015.
“We have been validating the engine for years and it has proven to be an extremely robust and durable engine,” as Christer Flodman, Cimco technical manager, pointed out. Therefore, the decision to look to the engine made in Germany was taken – “Opel the reliable.”
Massimo Giraud, assistant chief engineer at Opel’s Turin diesel development centre, said: “Adapting our engine to the very different environment was a significant challenge. We had to change the engine’s character by completely retuning the calibration. For the marine application, we abandoned the high low-end torque and aimed for the high power output necessary for cruising speed.”

The Cimco engine now has a dry-sump system to guarantee oil supply in all conditions. The diesel also has a closed-circuit coolant system – a decisive advantage in ice conditions or waters with much aquatic vegetation.

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