Thursday 16 January 2014

China to get first purpose-built CGI foundry

One of China's largest automotive component conglomerates has entered into a long term technology supply agreement with the Swedish process control specialist SinterCast for the production of compacted graphite iron (CGI) engine components.  

Under the terms of the agreement, SinterCast will install a System 3000 Plus process control system at the company's new purpose-built CGI foundry in China.  

SinterCast will also supply the mechanical infrastructure for the cored-wire base treatment and correction operations and will provide technical support during the installation and start of production.  

The System 3000 Plus will be commissioned at the greenfield foundry during the second quarter of 2014.  

Series production is expected to begin during 2014, with an initial capacity of approximately 300,000 engine equivalents per year for commercial vehicle, off-road and stationary power engine applications. This suggests an annual production rate of 150,000 engines a year and, significantly, the new business will lift the total number of engine equivalents by next year to over the two million mark - an important landmark in the history of CGI. The figure of 150,000 engines a year is based on the assumption of 100kg per block and is in addition to a contract announced in November year. The company has already edged past 1.8 million engine equivalents.

The target figure of well over two million plus engine equivalents should be possible consideraing those remarks made last November by SinterCast when it noted that further business growth would be realised with the introduction of a high volume gasoline engine thast is expected to provide a mature volume of 350,000 engine equivalents. Although not mentioned at the time it has to be assumed this was an oblique reference to the 2.7-litre EcoBoost engine Ford announced this week at the Detroit automotive show in the US and which could reach volumes of 350,000 a year.

"This new foundry (in China) is the world's first purpose-built CGI facility and has been designed from a clean sheet of paper, taking advantage of the latest technology in every aspect of the foundry process" said Dr. Steve Dawson, president and chief executive officer of SinterCast.
"The installation becomes the fifth commitment for our new System 3000 Plus technology, incorporating automatic base treatment together with the security of SinterCast's patented measure-and-correct process control strategy.”

“The order also marks SinterCast's seventh installation commitment in China, following our strongest ever year for installations, and providing a running start to our 2014."

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