Monday 8 September 2014

Jaguar matches BMW on power, torque

The latest figures from show that it's new 2-litre Ingenium diesel engine is matching BMW on power and torque, but installed in the new XE sports saloon it has improved fuel economy.

According to Jaguar, the new 2-litre Ingenium diesel engine manufactured at the company's new bespoke £500 million facility in Wolverhampton can develop 163PS, which is the same output from a BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics saloon.
 Likewise, the torque available from the new Ingenium is given as 380Nm - the same as that from the 320d model.

   However, in terms of fuel economy, Jaguar claims the new XE can deliver a CO2 reading of 99g/km compared with 109g/km for the 320d.

   In terms of fuel economy this equates to 75mile/gal  for the XE compared with 69mile/gal for the 320d.

   Also available is the 3-litre V6 gasoline engine from the F-Type and which gives 340PS and 450Nm in supercharged form.

   Both engines are teamed with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission - ZF 8HP, although a six-speed manual will also be available.

   Two ratings of the clean-sheet modular diesel engine will be available. The Wolverhampton facility will also make "clean sheet" modular gasoline engines. Eventually, it is possible that JaguarLandRover will be able to separate itself from Ford Motor Company as its engine supplier, finally severing the link with its previous owner.

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