Monday, 14 November 2016

Nissan to sell UK-made QX30 in China

 Nissan is to sell the Infiniti QX30 to buyers in China, however, the car will be made at the company’s Sunderland, UK plant, where workers already produce its sister Q30 model.

Nissan's Q30 recorded more than 14,000 European sales between January and October, representing a 147 per cent rise on a year ago.
The UK-based company has implemented a huge expansion of its Sunderland factory to accommodate the models’ arrival, with the Q30 standing as the first new brand to be made in the UK on such a scale in well over 20 years.
The vehicles, which carry the marque of Nissan’s deluxe sister brand, will become the first premium models to be made at Sunderland’s near 7,000-job plant and exported to the US and China.
Nissan has also confirmed that sales of electric vehicles in Europe, which include the all-electric Leaf hatchback and NV200 van, had topped 75,000.
Leaf sales were up ten per cent on a year ago. The Japanese car manufacturer has now made more than 55,000 Leafs at its Sunderland factory.
Launched in 2011, the Leaf was revised in 2013 when production started on Wearside to cater for the European market.
Gareth Dunsmore, director of electric vehicles at Nissan Europe, said: “Europe’s electric vehicle market is growing at an extraordinary pace as motorists switch to the multiple benefits electric mobility provides.*
He added: “Our aim is to offer customers around the world a safer and more sustainable future through our electric vehicle range, including the Leaf and NV200.”
“We are encouraging increasing numbers of drivers to switch to electric vehicles and move towards to a zeroemission future,” he further pointed out.
Last month, Nissan announced it would make the next generation Qashqai and X-Trail vehicles at Sunderland after Government assurances eased worries following the Brexit vote.
The Qashqai is already made in the region but according to officials, it will be the first time the X-Trail will be built for European markets outside Japan.
However, the firm was forced to deny claims of a so-called “sweetheart deal” from UK Government to protect it from post-Brexit tariff costs.
According to the business’ half-year results to September 30, the two models were intrinsic in increasing European sales to 319,000 in the period.
The Wearside plant was previously chosen to make Qashqais with an auto-pilot system, a next generation battery for the Leaf and an upgraded Juke hatchback.

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