Sunday 3 December 2017

Torotrak given up hope?

Torotrak Group’s share price falls to an all-time low as the company appears to have lost direction.
FRIDAY 1 December 2017 marked a grim day for Torotrak Group as its share price fell to an all-time low. No statements seemingly are being issued and the company’s website gives no email addresses for shareholders to contact staff.
The last news item appeared 27 July 2017 when the company issued final year results for the period to 31 March 2017.
On the basis of the latest share price the company would seem to be almost worthless as directors appear to have lost all sense of both direction, motivation and momentum. A sad testament to those who have committed time and effort over the years to developing three main technologies: Torotrak’s (Perbury’s) CVT, V-Charge and  Flybrid. And Allison? Little seems to be heard about its involvement with the beleaguered UK company which was spun out if BTG all those years ago.

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