Thursday, 27 August 2015

TVR claims 250 orders for "new" car

TVR claims it has taken in excess of 250 deposits for its new sports car in only the first six weeks since the company opened the order book. 

TVR first announced that it would re-enter car production in June this year, revealing that it had “an incredible, all-new sports car in an advanced stage of design and planning” with its key partners, Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth Engineering. 

Four weeks later, the company began taking deposits as a result of the public reaction and obvious demand.

The car (pictured below), when it appears, will be a V8-engined vehicle with manual transmission and rear-wheel drive and embracing the TVR DNA.

John Chasey, TVR operations director, says: “We seem to be on something of a rollercoaster ride at the moment. We began to take deposits in June purely because we had so much clear demand and potential customers wanted to know when they could commit and when they might expect delivery. The new factory will be ramping up production during 2017 and therefore initial volumes are limited, but here we are only a few weeks later announcing this remarkable order take, so it’s only fair to make potential customers aware that any new orders will now be delivered in early 2018.”

Any orders taken now will not be delivered until 2018, the company having effectively sold out its allocation up to and including 2017. The V8 engines will be supplied by Cosworth Engineering in Northampton, UK and sources suggest the engine design will be based on either a Ford or General Motors design. The engine will drive the rear wheels through a manual gearbox. As before the body will be non-steel and made from composite fibre materials to ensure light weight and low manufacturing (tooling) costs.

Les Edgar, chairman of TVR, says: “This a heart-warming situation we find ourselves in. We are mindful that we have taken deposits from customers who have not even yet seen official pictures of the car. Nevertheless people have been prepared to part with a substantial sum on the basis of what we have been able to openly convey about the project, and on the strength of the partnerships that we have formed with Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth Engineering. We look forward to revealing more details soon, and to all our customers who have shown their faith I can promise that the new car will exceed expectations in every way.”

TVR Manufacturing Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with number 08486573 and VAT registered number GB 187373176. The registered office is at Wentworth House, 4400 Parkway, Whiteley Hampshire PO15 7FJ. UK

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