Tuesday 18 August 2015

Ford pushes up 2-litre power, torque

In the US, Ford Focus ST customers can now obtain an upgrade kit that increases power and torque from the 2-litre gasoline engine.
The idea of a street-legal, reliable, largely stock 2-litre four-cylinder engine making nearly 300 lbft torque might have seemed ludicrous 10 years ago, but the components of the MP275 Focus ST mountune performance upgrade now combine to produce just that.

When the parts installation and tuning is performed by an authorized Ford Performance technician, Focus ST retains its factory warranty – a benefit for any customer looking to seek the most out of the ownership experience.

The heart of the system is a performance ECU calibrated to deliver a more aggressive engine mapping program, including a quicker throttle response, without compromising durability. Power spikes from 252 bhp to 275 bhp. Torque output is 296lbft.

Sold through Ford Performance Parts, the kit maintains the base car’s factory-backed three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Unlike many aftermarket kits that compromise reliability and driveability on the street while also hampering emissions, the mountune system keeps the Focus ST street-legal in all 50 US states.

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