Monday 9 November 2015

Fire risk prompts Cummins NG engine recall

Up to 3,020 Cummins-Westport natural gas engines powering Navistar and Mack trucks in service across North America are being recalled because of a fire risk.
The engine type in question is the spark-ignited 8.9 litre ISL G/9999 manufactured between September 2007 and September 2015.

There is, according to Cummins, ‘potential for a leak in the turbocharger oil supply line near the engine manifold’.

The company adds that the oil pipe is in danger of contacting the turbocharger inlet elbow, clean air intake clamp or air/fuel control tube, resulting in an oil leak.

Because natural gas is inherently more flammable than diesel fuel, any potential fire risk must be regarded with correspondingly more urgency.


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