Thursday, 5 November 2015

Peterbilt to offer CGI truck diesel

According to US sources, Paccar’s Peterbilt brand will soon offer the MX-11 diesel engine, which debuted in Europe in 2013.

Availability of the DAF Trucks-designed heavy-duty truck diesel engine for the United States was announced last month.

The 10.8-liter engine will be available to order for Peterbilt’s Model 579 and vocational Model 567 from next week, Interestingly, the MX-11 with its CGI cylinder block and cylinder head, delivers 35 bhp and 100 lbft torque more than the Volvo D-11 of the same swept volume..

However, production is not likely to begin until January, according to the company.

The European-designed engine, which uses a compacted graphite iron (CGI) I6 cylinder block and head has been installed in over 10,000 vehicles built by its DAF Trucks division in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Paccar claims the CGI material used in the engine block and cylinder head is 20 per cent lighter and 75 per cent stronger than conventional grey.

The material is already used by MAN and Navistar International, as well as Ford Motor Company for the 6.7-litre PowerStroke engines in the Super Duty F Series pick-up trucks. Cummins has been a late-comer to the CGI party, but at present only uses it for the ISV5.0 turbocharged V8 for Nissan and Toyota pick-up trucks

“In addition to the weight and fuel savings, drivers will appreciate the responsiveness, performance and quiet operation of the Paccar MX-11 engine running in their Peterbilt truck,” Darrin Silver, Peterbilt general manager and Paccar vice president, is reported to have said in a statement.

According to Peterbilt, the MX-11 has an output of up to 430bhp and 1,550lb ft torque, making it “ideal for a wide range of applications,” including regional haul, tanker, bulk haul construction and refuse trucks.

US availability of the engine was announced early October, and the company said it expects the engine to be available in Kenworth trucks in January.

“The Paccar MX-11 engine is a great addition to Peterbilt’s line-up of technologically advanced solutions focused on delivering the highest levels of quality, durability, performance, reliability, efficiency and overall return,” added Siver. “The Paccar MX-11 engine provides outstanding value in a lightweight and fuel-efficient design, and will continue to exceed our high standards and our customers’ expectations.”

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Alan Bunting said...

Paccar's larger engine, the 12.9 litre MX13 engine, whose Dutch origins pre-date DAF's acquisition by the American truck builder in 1996, was one of the first heavy-duty diesels to feature CGI castings. It is assembled for Peterbilt and Kenworth applications at a Paccar plant in Columbus, Mississippi, where the company has said in the past the MX11 would also be produced.
However the first MX11s for North America are likely to be shipped in from Eindhoven until there proves to be enough demand to justify a production line at Columbus.
Many US and Canadian operators of Paccar's heaviest class 8 trucks are apt to regard the smaller engine's 10.8 litre capacity as insufficient to give them the gung-ho performance they have come to expect, without compromising reliability and durability, from the MX13, and even more from the US market-dominating 15 litre Cummins ISX.
That Yankee truckers' mindset is underlined by the slow take-up of Cummins' smaller 11.9 litre ISX12 (an engine with a substantial Chinese manufactured content) and of Volvo's D11 unit having the same swept volume as Paccar's MX11.