Thursday, 21 January 2016

Proton low-emission engine set for 2017 launch

Proton of Malaysia and Ricardo of the UK have just celebrated the ‘first fire’ of the prototype of an innovative new engine family set to spearhead the next phase of the Malaysian automaker’s growth, even to the point of making a return to Europe.

The prototype engine is the result of a design and development collaboration with Ricardo which started in April 2015.

 It is the first of Proton’s new family of three and four-cylinder engines – to include turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) variants – which are planned for market launch starting in 2017.

The compact power unit has been designed from the outset to be compatible with Euro 6c regulations, providing significant opportunities for Proton to develop its position in the UK and other EU markets.

Fuel-efficiency, driveability, cost-effectiveness and ease of service have been a particular focus for the new Proton engine design.

Using proven Ricardo combustion system technology, the new engine family will provide a strong low-speed torque characteristic offering both a rewarding driving experience and excellent fuel economy.

The engine’s design (first prototype of the new engine family is a four-cylinder 1.5 TGDI variant) offers fast warm-up and uses low-friction philosophy throughout. At the same time, it has been designed with a cost-effective cast iron block, enabling the use of Proton’s existing manufacturing facilities, and maximizes the use of common parts and assemblies across the entire engine family.

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