Monday 5 January 2015

Boost for EGR UK valve production

GT Emissions Systems of Peterlee, County Durham, has purchased a specialist lathe to help lift production of exhaust gas control systems by 200 per cent in three years. The purchase is part of a £3 million investment.

The company makes a range of exhaust components, including emission reduction control valves, which are fitted to engines in commercial vehicles and buses, diggers and excavators to meet environmental regulations.
In particular, the business makes EGR valves, exhaust brakes, exhaust stream control systems, thermal & pressure management valves, check valves and waste heat recovery valves.
Executive say the £250,000 lathe will be followed by further similar equipment, as well as assembly and test parts, as GT Group strengthens its emission systems division.
The firm it has made the investment in a bid to capitalise on a “lucrative global market”, which relies on millions of emission control valves.
Besides the UK operation, GT Group has a sales office in New Zealand.
Geoff Turnbull, GT Group chairman, who formed the company in 1985, said: “This will allow us to increase capacity and meet demand for our products.”
“Through our comprehensive research and development, we have created a number of systems, which are actively helping engine manufacturer’s address increasingly challenging environmental standards,” he added.
“Continually updating production technology not only supports our commitment to ensuring our systems meet international regulations and support customers’ emission targets, but it also supports our ability to convert our sophisticated ideas into effective solutions.”
Exporting to more than 60 countries, GT Group employs more than 300 workers. It plans to increase the number to about 500 in three years.
It previously revealed it had won £100 million work to supply emission systems to a number of heavy duty vehicle makers, which executives said would increase the number of engine platforms it supplies from 320,000 to 500,000 in 2015.

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