Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Volkswagen tops 6 million for the first time

Volkswagen passenger cars brand closed the tenth year in succession with a new delivery record, topping the six-million mark for the first time in a twelve-month period.  

The company has doubled deliveries by the brand since 2004, as it handed over 6.12 million vehicles to customers from January to December 2014.  

The Volkswagen brand delivered 1.68 (1.64; +2.8 per cent) million vehicles on the overall European market in 2014, of which 858,300 (811,800; +5.7 percent) were handed over to customers in Western Europe (excluding Germany).  

Deliveries on the home market of Germany grew with 578,400 (560,100; +3.3 per cent) customers taking possession of a new model there.  

Volkswagen delivered 244,700 (263,300; -7.1 per cent) vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe in the 12 months to December. However, only 128,100 (156,300; -18.0 percent) units were handed over to customers in Russia.

Volkswagen delivered 586,700 (622,300; -5.7 per cent) units in the North America region last year, of which 367,000 (407,700; -10.0 percent) went to customers in the US.  

Deliveries in South America from January to December also decreased to 662,600 (804,300; -17.6 per cent) units, of which 541,700 (623,800; -13.2 percent) went to customers in Brazil.

In contrast, deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region grew by a substantial 9 per cent from January to December 2014, with sales of 2.97 (2.73) million vehicles to customers. 2.76 (2.51; +10.0 per cent) million vehicles were delivered in China (including Hong Kong) during the same period.

It should be noted that deliveries for 2013 have been updated to reflect subsequent statistical trends.  The Saveiro model, which is mainly sold in South America, has therefore been included in deliveries for the Volkswagen passenger cars brand retroactively from January 1, 2013.  As a consequence, in purely mathematical terms deliveries by the brand in 2013 have increased retroactively from 5.93 to 6.02 million vehicles.

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