Monday 2 March 2015

Doosan opts for CGI in new off-highway engine

Doosan Infracore, Korea’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment and diesel engines, looks set to embark on equipping some of its diesel engines with compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder blocks.

The company has ordered a second process control system from the Swedish CGI process control specialist SinterCast.

Following the first SinterCast installation in 2006, and successful materials research and product development within Doosan Infracore, the new MiniSystem 3000 will be used for the production of the CGI cylinder block of a new diesel engine developed for demanding off-road applications.

Doosan Infracore needs the additional system for two reasons: it wants to allocate one system for product development and the other for production. It is common for foundries to have an 'off line' area for material and product development. With the latest system Doosan engineers can focus on production at the same time as development, hence speeding upboth processes.

Initially at least the CGI cylinder blocks will feature in a new, bespoke high-displacement off-highway engine destined for demanding applications. But other applications could follow as the company gathers experience with this important automotive engineering material.

Doosan manufactures a wide range of high quality diesel engines for industrial, construction, power generation, commercial vehicle and marine applications.

In the off-highway sector, Doosan’s engines range from a 5.8-litre unit giving 116bhp and 353Nm torque, through 8.1-litre, 11.1-litre, 14.6-litre and 18.3-litre to the largest at 21.9-litre. The 21.9-litre unit can deliver 800bhp and 3,205Nm torque.

In on-highway applications, Doosan engine sizes range from 5.9-litre, 7.6-litre, 8.1-litre, 11-litre and 11.1-litre to the largest at 14.6-litre. In this duty, the 5.9-litre delivers 240bhp and 804Nm torque whereas the largest 14.6-litre unit gives 420bhp and 1,666Nm torque.

Together, the two SinterCast installations will be used to enable independent and formidable CGI product development and series production within Doosan Infracore.

The Mini-System 3000 is expected to be installed during the second quarter of 2015, with the initial CGI production beginning upon commissioning of the system. The installation of the second system will mark an important milestone for SinterCast which has been making steady progress with equipment installation in Asia.

“We are pleased that Doosan Infracore’s successful CGI product development, together with SinterCast’s commitment to the important Korean market, has led to this second installation. The launch of a new engine, and Doosan Infracore’s investment in a second process control system, reinforces the global trend toward CGI in the heavy-duty diesel sector for both on-road and off-road applications” said Dr. Steve Dawson, president and chief executive officer of Stockholm-based SinterCast.

“We are motivated by Doosan Infracore’s confidence in our technology – repeat business is the strongest endorsement of any technology, and one of our core objectives,” he concluded. 

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