Monday, 7 March 2016

Shengrui moves to stop/start 8-speed auto ‘box

A new version of the Shengrui 8AT transmission adds stop/start functionality to the capabilities of this eight-speed automatic transmission, co-developed with Ricardo.

Shengrui’s 8AT transmission, the result of a longstanding collaboration with Ricardo, is already manufactured at the rate of over 8,000 a month. The launch of stop/start has the potential to increase this number. 
Under its new contract, Ricardo will support Shengrui Transmission Corporate Limited on the development and first vehicle application of the new stop/start capable version of the 8AT.

Ricardo will review also the required modifications to the transmission’s control software necessary to facilitate stop/start operation, and will assist in calibrating the unit to the vehicle to ensure that the required in-use performance is delivered.

Ricardo Asia president, Gary Tan, notes: “Ricardo is once again honoured to have been selected to support Shengrui on the further development of the 8AT transmission in the form of the new stop/start capable variant. Our collaboration with Shengrui is a fine example of how we can help leading Chinese companies with their aspirations to develop world-class and highly innovative products from concept to production."

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