Sunday, 18 September 2016

Opoc engine moves closer to production

The developers of the opposed-piston two-stroke diesel engine claim the engine is moving closer to production. But details, as ever, remain elusive.

The opoc engine is currently being developed for a variety of applications and fuels by EcoMotors Inc in the US and Zongding Power in China.
EcoMotors notes "Our near-term focus is a diesel engine for use in off-highway applications.  The architecture also has applicability with gasoline as well as alternate fuels such as natural gas and methanol.  The opoc engine is suitable for various applications such as passenger cars, light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, construction, marine, and agriculture.  At this time we are highly focused on developing our commercial product and are unable to support other projects at this time."
The opoc engine is a revolutionary internal combustion engine technology. It offers the potential to use compacted graphite iron (CGI) in order to achieve its performance. 
EcoMotors says it acknowledges there are other inventors who may have complementary technologies.  "However, at this time we do not have the ability to evaluate or verify other technologies for technical synergies," notes EcoMotors Inc. of Allan Park, Michigan.
The company adds: “While we understand the desire for the technical specifications of the opoc engine—bore, stroke, displacement, volume, pressures, etc., we cannot divulge such information until the opoc engine goes into full production.  As the opoc engine moves closer to production, EcoMotors expects to announce details.”
It may be recalled that in April 2013 Zhongding Power—one of the largest automotive component conglomerates in China—and EcoMotors announced a strategic agreement wherein Zhongding will finance and construct the first opoc manufacturing facility.  Production of the opoc engine is expected to begin in 2016. 
“At this time, the opoc engine is not available to purchase,” declares EcoMotors. 
EcoMotors' other product lines, including the Electrically Controlled Turbocharger (ECT), the Heated Fuel Injection System, and the Counter Rotating Generator (CRG) are also still in development and are not available to purchase.


Unknown said...

Zhongding will use a Sintercast 3000 plus equipment that was installed in the dedicated CGI-foundry two years ago. Delays have been frequent but EcoMotors was established so late as 2008. It takes much time, money and effort to deliver a new type of engine.

The Sintercast CO Stewe Dawson recently stated that OPOC-engines are a growt market for CGI

Q: What are the growt markets for CGI?

Dawson: ”Commercial vehichles and industrila power applications are obvious growt opportunitiies for CGI.”———-”We are also supporting the development of other small displacement diesel with 100 hp/l, and many of the new horizontal opposed-piston engines have specified CGI for the block and/or liner. ”

Unknown said...

It would seem to me that with the increased reliability, lighter weight and smaller size of the engine due to the reduction in components that it would be a great candidate as an airplane engine! The 325 hp, 600+ lb-ft of torque EM 100 sounds perfect for a pickup truck. Am anxiously awaiting!