Monday 16 December 2013

Post BRIC market growth identified

Ricardo has assessed 150-plus nations and picked out the elite 15-strong nations with the best qualifications to power the growth of the automotive industry post 2020, once BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – level off.

Ricardo has identified three rising market regions: Promising, Up-and-coming, and Top flight. Promising markets are assigned a low Ricardo personal mobility index (and a low Ricardo commercial transport index) while those at the other end have a high mobility index – three times higher – and a higher commercial transport index (twice as high).

In the first flight (promising) are: Vietnam, the Philippines and South Africa and Nigeria. In the second flight, (Up-and-coming) are Morocco, Egypt, Peru, Argentina and Ukraine. In the last flight (top flight) are Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia and Turkey.

Warns Ricardo: “While OEMs from Europe and the US focus on exploiting  market opportunities in China and India, Chinese and Indian EOMs  are already tapping the next markets. Established automakers should carefully observe the activities of Asia manufacturers and must not miss the right time for action.”

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