Monday 11 March 2013

VW sees nine per cent growth

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 893,400 in the first two months of 2013, compared with 818,800 (+ 9.1 per cent) in the same period last year.

The delivery level in the month of February was almost unchanged, with the brand handing over 401,400 (February 2012: 399,700; + 0.4 per cent) vehicles.

Christian Klingler, board member for sales and marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, said. ‘We compensated for weak markets in Western Europe with growth in the Asia-Pacific region and in Central and Eastern Europe.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 231,600 (251,800; - 8.0 per cent) vehicles on the overall European market in the period to February. In Western Europe (excluding Germany) deliveries fell 11.6 per cent to 115,800 (131,000) units as a result of the difficult market situation.

In Germany, Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 77,000 (85,000; down 9.4 per cent) vehicles to customers in the first two months of the year. In contrast, the brand generated growth in Central and Eastern Europe, where deliveries rose by 8.4 per cent to 38,800 (35,800) units, with deliveries on the Russian market increasing to 22,500 (20,700; + 8.7 per cent) units.

In Asia-Pacific, the brand grew deliveries by 27.7 per cent from January to February, handing over 425,500 (333,200) vehicles to customers, of which 392,300 (300,300; + 30.6 per cent) units were delivered in China (incl. Hong Kong). Volkswagen handed over 9,800 (12,000; - 18.0 per cent) vehicles in India in the first two months.

In North America, Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew deliveries by 8.2 per cent to 90,300 (83,500) units, of which 60,500 (57,800; + 4.7 per cent) vehicles were handed over in the US. In the South American region, the company delivered 112,400 (121,100; - 7.2 per cent) vehicles in the period to February, of which 82,100 (86,700; - 5.2 per cent) units were delivered in Brazil.