Friday 22 March 2013

YouTube boost for Torotrak

In a YouTube video clip released today, Jeremy Deering, chief executive of Torotrak plc, declared the “synergies are tremendous” when he referred to the recent link-up of Torotrak and Flybrid Automotive Ltd. He stated that Allison Transmission Inc. has confirmed its exclusivity in Torotrak’s IVT technology.

The YouTube video clip is a further indication of the manner Deering is bringing a breath of fresh to Torotrak since he took over the helm from former CEO Dick Elsy.

Jon Hilton added that Torotrak’s stake of 20 per cent in his company was important because it allowed the Flybrid to “press on and get our product to market”.

And Torotrak group director Garry Wilson added that “this year we will build a demonstrator bus” to highlight the benefits of Torotrak and Flybrid’s combined technologies.