Thursday 27 March 2014

Drive-E powertrains available on Volvo cars

From May 2014, all new Volvo models will have the option to be built with engines from the new Drive-E powertrain family – offering a blend of drivability and low CO2 emissions.

However, while the D4 and T5 are available to order now, production of the D4 does not start until after the summer shutdown in September.

The CO2 emissions of the 190bhp Volvo V40 D4 with manual gearbox are down to 99g/km (74.3mile/gal) – a compromise of power and efficiency that Volvo claims “no competitor can match”. Also available in the V40 Cross Country, CO2 emissions are just 104g/km (70.6mile/gal).

“The outstanding take-off and responsiveness of the Drive-E engines, combined with a smooth engine sound, will make the cars even more fun to drive, without compromising on modern customers’ demand for superb fuel economy and minimised CO2-emissions,” claims Michael Fleiss, vice president powertrain at Volvo Car Group (VCG). VCG is part of the Chinese Geely Automotive.

The new D4 will also be available to order with Volvo’s new eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission to give a combination of drivability and efficiency such that V40 emissions are 109g/km (67.3mile/gal) while the V40 Cross Country produces 112g/km (65.7mile/gal) of CO2.

Also joining the new D4 in the V40 is the 245bhp T5 FWD (front-wheel-drive) from the new Drive-E engine family. Fitted as standard with the new eight-speed automatic gearbox, CO2 emissions have decreased to 137g/km giving a fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 47.9mile/gal. 

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