Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mercedes-Benz tops one million cars

Mercedes-Benz delivered over one million (1,006,619) cars to customers worldwide in the first six months of 2016 (+12.1 per cent), more than ever before in half a year.
In Europe, sales by Mercedes-Benz increased in June by 13.7 per cent to 86,657 units. Between January and June, 444,581 vehicles were sold to European customers, an increase of 13.3 per cent.
In the home market Germany, unit sales in the first half of the year totalled 142,756 vehicles (+7.8 per cent). In Germany, Italy and Portugal, the Stuttgart-based company was the market leader among premium manufacturers last month.
In the Asia-Pacific region, Mercedes-Benz delivered 63,754 vehicles to customers in June (+16.4 per cent), and achieved over 20 per cent growth in unit sales in the first half of the year.
In China, the biggest market for Mercedes-Benz, growth in the first half of the year was especially strong with sales of 219,999 units (+33.1 per cent). In Japan, Australia and Taiwan, Mercedes-Benz was the premium brand with the most new registrations last month.
In the NAFTA region, 33,245 vehicles were sold to customers in June (+2.4 per cent) and nearly 190,000 units in the first six months. Sales in the US have increased since the beginning of the year to a new record of 28,473 units (+1.5 per cent). Mercedes-Benz was again market leader among the premium manufacturers in Canada last month.

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