Friday 24 January 2014

Scania introduces biodiesels

Scania is introducing two Euro 6-certified, 13-litre truck engines that can run on any diesel blend, right up to 100 percent biodiesel (EN

The versions certified for biodiesel operation are the mo­dular, six-cylinder, 13-litre 450 and 490bhp engines.

Scania is continuing the roll-out of its Euro 6-certified engines intended for use with 100-percent biodiesel.

In October 2013, Scania intro­duced its five-cylinder, 9-litre biodiesel engine in two different output versions, 320bhp and 360bhp. These are now being
followed by the 13-litre, inline six engine that will be available both in 450bhp and 490bhp versions with SCR and EGR after-treatment systems.

The basic model of the 450bhp engine offers 2,350 Nm of torque from 1,000 rev/min, while the 490bhp version produces 2,550 Nm from 1,000 rev/min to 1,300 rev/min.

According to Scania, engine output declines a maximum of eight 8 per cent when the units are run on 100 percent biodiesel fuel (due to the lower energy content in biodiesel).

Scania has also today confirmed to this blogspot that “all 13-litre engines from 450bhp and above have compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder blocks”. Scania added: "And all V8 engines with XPI injection also have CGI blocks". Incidently, the 500 bhp V8 engine is fitted with Scania's PDE high pressure unit injectors. 

A Scania spokesman has further clarified that in the case of V8 truck diesels all new Eu6 520bhp, 580bhp and 730bhp and EEV 730bhp engines have XPI fuelling systems, whereas the lower emission classes of Eu2-Eu5 with 500bhp, 560bhp and 620bhp have PDE fuelling systems.                                        ∎

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