Tuesday 7 October 2014

Mercedes-Benz: best quarter sales

Mercedes-Benz has returned the best month's sales in the company's history, and the first month with sales over 160,000 units.

In the third quarter Mercedes-Benz has reported sales up 11.9 per cent at 412,018 units, thanks to sales in September of 162,746 units, a rise of 13.8 per cent.

The business has posted double-digit growth since the beginning of the year (12.5 per cent). The total number of vehicles sold this year is 1,262,026 units, a rise of 11.1 per cent.

Asia-Pacific recorded the best percentage growth of 26.4 per cent, account for by a sales boost of 30.5 per cent in China and a 12.9 per cent growth in Japan.

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